Are there any diaper creams that I should not use with cloth diapers?

Yes! There are many diaper creams, or natural options that are made with less chemicals and are perfect to use on babies in cloth diapers (or any babies!). Diaper creams with Fish-oil (A&D) or zinc-oxide (desitin, Burts Bees, California Baby, or any white creams) can create a build up on the diapers, stain them, and makes them less absorbent.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! We have a 10% military discount for any active duty military families. You have more than one child in diapers we offer an amazing 50% offer for the second child! We also have several ways to earn free weeks of service or receive a 20% discount on pre-paying for a year!

Do you use chlorine bleach?

We do not use chlorine bleach. We use an oxygenated bleach, which is much healthier than chlorine bleach. It is the only way to ensure that there is no harmful bacteria in the diapers.

How are you sure that the diapers are clean and sanitized?

We sort through, check and test every batch of diapers that comes out of our machines before going to your home.

Secondly, we choose a diaper at random to be tested at an independent lab. They test for bacteria, soap, and urine residue, as well as testing the PH balance.

How do I cancel service?

Please let us know 5 days before your scheduled delivery date, and we will pick up all used and unused diapers.  Any pre-paid weeks of service or gift certificates are non-refundable, however they will remain on your account and will never expire should you decided to return to using the service. You may also use any money still on your account towards any products we carry. (Service still on your account may not be gifted to another customer)

How many covers do I need?

We recommend 4-6 depending on how often you want to wash them. Covers can be wiped clean in between changes, and thrown in with your regular laundry for a full washing.

How soon can I start Service?

We may need 2 weeks to get your supplies together, but we will get your started as soon as possible!

I am pregnant, can I get the diapers early?

Yes! We know exactly how the nesting phase is in pregnancy! We are happy to deliver your diapers around your 36-37th week of pregnancy. Service will not actually start until baby arrives and is in the diapers.

What do I do on delivery day?

Simply leave your pail liner with your soiled diapers inside. Keep your clean diapers. When you wake up in the morning you will have clean diapers and a fresh pail liner when you wake up.

What do I do on delivery day?

Simply leave your pail liner with your soiled diapers inside. Keep your clean diapers. When you wake up in the morning you will have clean diapers and a fresh pail liner when you wake up.

What if I accidentally dropped something in the pail?

We are not responsible for any items that may of fallen into the pail, but we will do our best to return anything that may of fallen in there by accident.

What if I forget to leave my diapers outside?

We will still leave your clean diapers outside, but a $15 return service fee will be assessed to pick up your soiled diapers.

What if I go on Vacation?

Please give us at least 7 days notice and we will freeze your service, you can take your diapers with you! Or you can purchase a healthier disposable option from us.

What if my delivery day lands on a holiday?

We will deliver on all holidays except Christmas eve, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, New Years Day, and the Fourth of July. If your day lands on one of these days we will notify you on your new delivery day that week.

What is the minimum commitment to start service?

The minimum commitment is 4 weeks.

Will my diaper pail stink?

We will provide you with a free citrus deodorant disk inside the diaper pail that keeps the smell away. You can also sprinkle a small amount of baking soda on top of your diapers if you are still noticing an odor. Or try a Moso bag (natural charcoal bag designed up absorb odors, and moisture).  Our pail liners are thick and keep away almost all of the odor!

Will there be stains on the diapers?

Very Rarely! You may see a few light stains or shadow’s, but because you are always receiving your same diapers back each week rest assured that if you do see a stain, they are only from your baby.

Will we get the same diapers back each week?

Yes! We work very hard to ensure that each customer receives the same diapers back each week. Occasionally we will need to pull overly stained or thinning diaper and replace them with a new diaper.