About Us

Crunchy Babies Organic Diaper Service was founded in 2011 shortly after Erin and Tyler moved to Nevada from southern California. They started using organic cloth diapers the week they brought home their baby boy, Paxton, from the NICU. Paxton was born premature and very sick. He spent five weeks in the hospital. They wanted to start from the very beginning to do what they believed was the best for their baby. They had researched disposable diapers and the harmful chemicals put into them. They started using a wonderful diaper service in Los Angeles and Erin was pleasantly surprised to find out that using safety pins and big bunchy plastic underpants was a thing of the past!  They were both instantly hooked!

resizefamWhen Erin and Tyler moved to Gardnerville, Nevada they realized there was not an organic cloth diaper service in their city or in any of the surrounding cities. So just one month after being here they decided to begin a service. They are passionate about the many benefits using cloth diapers can do for your environment and most importantly your baby.  Erin and Tyler know just how important EVERY decision for your baby is. Their goal is to make cloth diapering convenient and affordable for every family!